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Dating in Scotland - special places for lonely hearts

Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom, situated on the northern half of Great Britain island. Once it was an independent country, but now together with England, Northern Ireland and Wales are known as United Kingdom of Great Britain. Scotland has also coasts to the east on the North Sea, to the south west on the Irish Sea and to the west on the Atlantic Ocean. Even that now it's not an independent country anymore, Scotland it has its own culture and legal system. When it comes to sports, Scotland is very well known for their football teams, , teams that are in the Premier League, most famous being Celtic and Rangers, the second one being the winner of many league titles of any football league. They are very good are rugby, too, having teams in each one of its big cities.

Another sport that is popular here is golf. Actually, Scotland in the birth place of golf and there are many golf courses where people can go and play. So you may consider this like a good place for a date. To take your beloved one on a golf course it is something particular. Scotland is one of the favorite destinations of the tourists that come every year to see as much as they can from the beauties of this country. If you want to take your date and visit it you can start with the Stirling Castle that is a wonderful castle standing on the top of a volcanic crag, being surrounded by cliffs. It is also the largest and the most important castle architecturally and historically speaking from Scotland.

If you want to see as many antiques as possible you have to visit Skara Brae. Here, in the museum you can see many carved stone balls and lots of artefacts and ecofacts that were discovered during archaeological excavations. You can admire hand tools, pottery and jewelry like necklaces, pendants, pins or beads, also carved stone objects that probably were used in religious rituals. A famous place to visit is represented by the Scottish National Gallery that is a national art gallery where you can find may collections of fine art, prints and drawing collections of over 30000 works on paper, over 50000 volumes of journals, books, microfiches and slides.

There are pieces of international art dated from the beginning of the Renaissance until the beginning of 20th century. Scotland is a big country with many cities, each one having important, impetuous and wonderful places to visit; places that are full of history, places that stand out through different particularities, places that are waiting for tourist to come, special places for lonely hearts, where you can meet single parents dating.

STATE: United Kingdom
AREA: North Western Europe
CAPITAL: Edinburgh
POPULATION: 5.327.700
AIRPORTS: Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport, Inverness Airport, Benbecula Airport, Dundee Airport, Prestwick Airport, Foula Airport
ATTRACTIONS: Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, Scottish Highlands, Skara Brae, Falkirk Wheel, Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura, Stirling Castle, Scottish National Gallery, Arthur's Seat, Princess Street Garden, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Crates Castle


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