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Dating in Oxford - many singles nights in our dateclubs, meet your perfect match

Oxford is one of the England’s cities that grew very fast in time and where you can find all kind of people of different ethnicities. Also, I don’t think that it exist person that didn’t hear about the Oxford University, one of oldest and prestigious universities in the world. There isn’t student that hasn’t dreamed of going there to study.

This city has a lot of places that it is very well known for so if you want to go on a date and you want to impress the person you are with, you can take her to the Botanic Garden or if you're single there are many single nights in our dateclubs. As old as it is, as impressive it gets. The garden was built for over four hundred years following the idea of glorifying the nature by all her means. You have there a lot of collections of plants to see and someone that will walk you through the history of each plant. What else can be as beautiful as a date in the middle of the nature being surrounded by all kind of special plants from all over the world?

Any beautiful city would be nothing without museums to visit. A date doesn’t need to be all about coffees and ice creams. Change that and go out to visit spectacular museums in Oxford. The Museum of History of Science in one of this city’s buildings that you can’t miss. You can see a wide collection of scientific instruments dated from the Middle Age. Is one of the oldest buildings that really survived in time and that has the doors opened for the general public to come and visit in regular tours where they can see all its collections. Another beautiful museum to visit is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Exactly how its name says this museum houses collections of mineral and rocks, zoological and entomological collections as much as fossils, vertebrates and invertebrates, having a lot of themes like primates and evolution. This is definitely a place where you could get bored.

If you are for a little more fun then take your date on a concert or any other events that are taking place at the Sheldonian Theatre. You can only come to visit to see how it looks inside when no one is using it because it is opened for public. In the rest of the time, it is used for graduation ceremonies, for matriculation and what is interesting is that it is placed exactly in the center of the city so will have more to see around but this. But if you want to see drama, contemporary music and dance, comedy, poetry and not just all these you have to take your girl to Oxford Playhouse. You can see all these and also family shows, live performances, also amateur shows that are organized for all those that came to have a great time.

STATE : United Kingdom
COUNTRY: England
REGION: South East England
AREA CODE: 01865
AIRPORTS: Kidlington Airport
ATTRACTIONS: Oxford Botanic Gardens, Botleian Library, University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Sheldonian the Theatre, Pitt Rivers Museum, Radcliffe Camera, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University.
CLIMATE: maritime temperate climate


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