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Dating in Manchester - meet women & men and have speed and hot dates

Manchester is one of the biggest cities from England. Even that nowadays we know him for all attractions that make millions of tourists to come and visit and also by their football team that is very loved by their people, Manchester it was known in the past like the world's first industrialized city. The port of Manchester was the one that linked the city to the sea and even that city center was being destroyed in the Second World War, it was so well taking cared that he reborn as a new, modern city.

So that if you want to get your girlfriend to spend a beautiful day in Manchester you will definitely need to have a hot date. Take her to the Opera House, a gorgeous theatre built in the Classical Style, with two balconies of five hundred seats where a man can meet women. Here you can see musicals, concerts, ballet and if you come on Christmas you will be able to enjoy a Christmas pantomime. You will be amazed to see the orchestra with all their 80 musicians. It is just wonderful. And of you didn’t know, here has the premiere for The Phantom of The Opera, which anyone recognizes it for being a great opera.

If you are a romantic guy, take your girl by her hand and tale her for a walk in Heaton Park. Is not opened for public every time but when you have the chance you have to go and see all the ornamental gardens, the animal farm, the tennis court, a golf course also, an observatory or the adventure playground. You have many to see there so you shouldn't miss it. If you like the winter and you enjoy a good ski slope you should go to Chill Factor, the longest indoor ski slope from U.K. And here you can do more than skiing. There are a lot of shops and restaurants and there are many events taking place over the year. And you can also feel fry to try sledging, snowscoot or even airboarding if you think you can manage that.

Don’t forget to visit the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. Here you can see the hard work of british Chinese artists, you can also sea all their features like function room, tea house, resources area, offices , living area or artists residency studio. And who didn’t heard about Manchester Arena where usually all the sporting events are taking place? This is situated in the center of the city and it has a capacity of 21000 people, so imagine how huge it is. There can take place events on sports like swimming and boxing and also music concerts. Let's not forget that even the Olympic Games should happen here but eventually, here it took place the Commonwealth Games 2002.

STATE : United Kingdom
COUNTRY: England
REGION: North West England
AIRPORTS: Manchester Airport
ATTRACTIONS: Museum or Science and Industry, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, John Rylands Library, People's History Museum, Manchester Central Library, Palace Theatre, Heaton Park
CLIMATE: temperate oceanic climate


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