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Liverpool is the perfect place for a date, here women are seeking men

Liverpool is a big city situated in North West England, a city that was an important port regarding the businesses of raw materials as cotton and coal and it was also known as being involved in the slave trade. Being known as a port city Liverpool started to have lots of people of different cultures, religions, here being the home to the oldest Chinese community and also to the oldest Black African Community. Of course that this increased the number of visitors, this being a significant thing for city's economy. It was even named the World Capital City of Pop by the Guinness World Records.

If your boyfriend is a football lover, well Liverpool is the perfect place for a date, here women are seeking men. He knows, more than sure, that this is the home for Liverpool and Everton clubs, that are two of the football clubs from Premier League. He will be amazed to see himself in the same city with these two big names. You should go and visit Tate Liverpool, the museum and the art gallery where you can enjoy yourself by discovering international modern art and national collections that dated from the year 1500 and until the present day.

Here you can find the largest gallery of contemporary and modern art from UK, outside London and many good dating sites.A date can also mean to do things that you both enjoy to do, so if you like reading books that don’t go without visiting the William Brown Library and Museum. Or if you are both passionate about history you can go to the World Museum where there are plenty of archaeology and ethnology collections. There is also a planetarium and a Natural History Centre. It is so visited that the owners are being renovating it so as they double size the space to be accessible to many visitors. Who didn’t hear about The Beatles? Well if you have then you should go to The Cavern Club, a nightclub that was first a jazz club, eventually to became a rock and roll club after The Beatles singed there. And they sang there a lot after their firs appearance there.

Even that it was closed for a while, when they rebuilt it they tried to make it as possible as nearly to the original one. This days it still continues to offer live music, classic music of 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's as much of pop, rock, indie or modern music. Each week there are over forty bands that come to sing in this club, original bands, bands that tribute others or singers that come with their own material. But don’t think that great names aren’t coming here anymore. Great artists like Adele, The Wanted or Jessie J had shown over here, where you could participate by buying a ticket.

STATE : United Kingdom
COUNTRY: England
REGION: North West England
AIRPORTS: John Lennon Airport
ATTRACTIONS: Walker Art Gallery, Albert Dock, The Beatles Story, Liverpool Cathedral, Echo Arena Liverpool, International Slavery Museum, Tate Liverpool, Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool Empire Theatre
CLIMATE: temperate maritime climate


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