Your own music


   What kind of music do you think that represents you?

That song or genre that when you listen to makes you feel like is the perfect choice for your state of mind from that moment.

Each one of us, when we were children, we wanted to become a certain thing when we grow up. The most wanted jobs are always doctor, singer or actor. Music is what attract us right since we are little children. When we are babies we listen to sleeping songs that our mothers sing to us, then while we grow up we listen to all sort of songs regarding the age we have. Depends on the gender of the song you listen to, it can really have a certain impact on you and vice versa. Chill out music can make your brain relax and vice versa, when you feel tired you will always choose this type of music so that you can relax. So, as you can see these things are related.

For example, I listen to music every day. I woke up, I turn on the TV and there it is, my favorite music channel. I must say, I have 4 favorite music channels that I listen to, I arranged them consecutively on the TV and each day I listen to them so that I can start my day in a good mood. I always thought that listening to good music and leaving the house with a great song in your head it assures you a wonderful day. I enjoy almost all kind of music and I can say for sure that I listen to it more than 10 hours a day. I listen music when I woke up, half an hour on my way to work and when I return home and also when I am at the office for 8 hours a day. I can say that I am a little addict of music.

I think that anyone has a favorite music genre. There are so many from pop, rock, house, rap, folk, country music, hip-hop, classic music and the examples can go on. Out brain works in such a way so that our mood influences also the music we choose to listen. In a bad day we will choose to listen to chill out music to relax, after a break up sad music, in a regular day any type of music regarding our tastes or even when we want to sleep we choose music that it is relaxing to us. And this is also valid for events. At each event you will go, you will hear music regarding what you celebrate, even that is a birthday, a marriage or you only go to a club on Sunday night.

Music will always be part of our life, even that we listen it to the radio in the car, while shopping, at an event or in the kitchen while co


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