Writing Love Letters-Steps to Write the Perfect Letter


Forget just being romantic on Valentine’s Day and rekindle the love in your life on a regular basis. Writing love letters is a great way to spice up your relationship.

Before texting and emails, people used to communicate their feelings and desires via paper and it was amazing. Since the rise of technology, too many people don’t bother with the good old fashioned pen to paper method. If you fall into that group, we suggest you get out of it. Numerous studies suggest that your special someone will feel prized and it’s good for your mind.

Also, writing love letters are an art form that can be kept for a lifetime and can be cherished when looking back on them in the future. So what are you waiting for? Ok, maybe you don’t know where to start…don’t worry we’ve got all the tips you need from beginning to end.


 your love letter The opening of your love letter may be the hardest part. With a blank piece of paper staring back at you, you may face difficulty formulating the words you want to say to the person you love. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and begin the letter with how you naturally talk to them.

For example, start it out with a pet name you commonly use (babe, sweetheart,—whatever floats your boat), or a title (my love, my dearest spouse, my soul mate).

The Body

letters for soul mateThe body is definitely the most challenging part, but when it comes to love letters there’s an easy format that can get you through anything. That is, keep it to the past, present and future. Simple enough, right?

Begin with memories of your early relationship, including the exciting times you’ve shared. You can go in depth and express how overjoyed you were to have them with you.

Ok, you now have mastered your past and its time to begin talking about your present. You may face a little difficulty here as it can be harder for some to express feelings of the present. So, take some time and analyze your life and relationship.

Lastly, include dreams about your future together. Use your imagination and fantasy to guide you. Make sure to include your relationship goals as well as things you hope to see and do together. At this point, you should know your recipients hopes and dreams too and incorporate them in the letter. Nothing is more romantic than receiving a letter that confirms your partner wants to honor your hopes and dreams into their future as well.


love flirt lettersKeep your ending short and sweet just like your intro. Don’t slip in formal words like Sincerely, or Best Regards when you’re ending the love letter as it may seem too cold, unless you spice them up a bit (Sincerely Yours and so on).

Don’t overthink your ending as there is no need to get worked up over this part. If you want to go mushy then commit (aka do some Shakespearean research), but if you’re more of the strong silent type then keep it simple like, Forever Yours.

Must Haves- Details

difference in your love letterSmall details can make a world of difference in your letter. The color of their hair, eyes, outfits. Names of restaurants and distinct smells. If you remember these details then why not share them. This will show that your memories together really stuck with you which will bring a big smile to your special someone.


deliver leters with lovesflirtConsidering mailing it out? Or maybe you can get more creative than that. Hiding the letter in places you know they will find it (on the pillow, in their lunch, or in a book/newspaper) is another idea. Your partner may enjoy the surprise so much that the letter may feel even more sincere, especially when you use your personal knowledge to make the delivery exciting.

At first, you may face a bit of difficulty writing love letters but once you get through your first one and see your partner’s reaction you will see it’s worth it. Do it regularly and by the time you’ve written a few you may be well on your way to your own style. You may even get a few back, which is always a nice feeling!



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