Women’s perfect International Day


8 of March is the International Women’s Day everywhere in the world, a day of their own, a day that recognizes them like independents, beautiful and wonderful persons that they are and also gives them the opportunity to be spoiled by all the men around them.

In time, we also recognized this day like being the celebrating day of our mothers, a day when we try to make them feel like the best people on earth, we bring them flowers and all kind of gifts to let them see how much we love and appreciate them for all they do everyday for us.

women-party-2017Even if you are single women, if you have a boyfriend or a husband, this day is all about you. We all have to recognize that we can’t just wait for March to come not only because spring comes and everything seems to come back to life, but also because we know that is our month. And not only on 8 of March, really everyday, because if someone missed to give you a flower on this day, he will definitely give you one any other day of the month only because is … March.

In my city, on 8 of March, if you are a woman you will definitely be pulled over by the police. But not for a speeding ticket but for officers to give you a flower. Really nice, isn’t it? Also, our mayer, each year goes on the street for giving flowers to nice ladies he finds on his walk. Some taxi drivers stole this habit, too and also the masulin personal from the restaurants or bars.

When spring comes we all feel like we can breath again. We can hide all winter clothes and boots and we can start to wear all kind of coloured outfits that can really change our stat of spirit. This is why we all love spring. And we all feel like we can reinvent ourselves. And this is the ime when everybody start to come outside and at each step you may find a possibility to find a date if you are single.

So don’t worry if you are a single lady and you haven’t found your perfect match yet. This is your day, too. And you will see that you won’t be forget about the men around you and who knows, this day may be an opportunity for you to find the one that you are searching. So put on a beautiful dress, some makeup and go out with your friends to have some fun. This day is about all of you and you should make the most of it. Go out for a shopping session, go grab a coffee, enjoy a piece of cake and make plans for the entire day, even that there are couple plans or only girls night out. Go to a restaurant, have some dinner and a glass of wine. Or, go to a club, have some shots and dance your brains off. Even that you have a boyfriend or not, this day can really get awesome if you want to.



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