What to wear on Holidays?


On Christmas party or the New Year’s Eve one, ladies usually tend to wear dresses, each one spectacular than the other.

Like we don’t have to worry about what to wear every day, here comes the holidays and the worries keep on growing. When you go for a walk and for a coffee you take a t-shirt or a blouse, a pair a jeans and a pair of shoes, a little make-up and you are ready to go. When you go to work, regarding the job you have you have plenty of choices for each day, but always something different to wear that you wore the day before. And probably each of you had a day when even that your closet is full of clothes you feel like you don’t have what to wear and as many outfits you try on you never seem to find the perfect one for that day.
And when it comes to events things seem to be even harder for so may reasons. First of all, you can’t go to an event wearing a dress that you wore before and more if you wore it recently. So, of course that you decide to buy something new. Here you can have another problem. I truly believe that each women, when goes to a certain event, either that is a work party, a christening, a wedding, birthday party or else, it has the fear that someone else may have same type of dress. The reality is that it is possible, because, after all, we don’t have our personal tailor that can create unique designs for us. So if you see yourself in a situation like this, I think that the best way to pass the awkward moment is to jus make fun of it. So … problem solved.

On Christmas party or the New Year’s Eve one, ladies usually tend to wear dresses, each one spectacular than the other. If you are a man you don’t have so many worries because with a black costume you are solved. But for women, to choose the right dress is not so easy as you may think. Regarding the winter holidays probably you’ve heard over the years all kind of habits that you have to follow so that the year that comes to be a good one for you. For example, to have money in your pocket so that you have a good year financially speaking. When it comes to fashion, it is said that you should always wear something new and red when you pass into the new year, because red is meant to attract positive energies. So it is said. But usually, people wear red on Christmas because it is this holiday’s color.

In conclusion, if you don’t have to go to an event where a dress code is requested, you should wear whatever you feel like, even that it is red, blue or green. What you need to do is to enjoy every moment and to have fun with the ones around you. Holidays are about spending precious moments with the ones you love and that feeling can’t be given by any spectacular outfit in the entire world.


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