What to wear when you have some extra kilos


Many overweight women make this kind of mistakes: wearing loose clothing, black colored ones because they think that this will give the impression of thinning visually. Neither of this approaches is correct. You don’t have to be slim fit to look good. Even with a few extra kilos you can make men look after you on the street if you know how to dress to cover your flaws and how to show your strengths.

Here are some tips of what you should or shouldn’t wear if you have some extra kilos.

  • Don’t play by the idea that you have to be fashionable and you have to wear what is on the top of fashion at this moment. Choose to wear what looks good on you.
  • Buy modeling lingerie. This not only hides imperfections, but gives a certain shape of the body that creates a basis for clothing.
  • Dark clothes help to hide certain features, while white ones emphasize them, so white is not recommended.
  • Don’t wear baggy clothes. Those will automatically give volume and you’ll seem even bigger.
  • When you go shopping, do not go blind for the size you wear. Choose the model that suits you the best. Identify your strengths and put them in value!
  • Areas that you want to leave “anonymous” cover them with clothes in neutral tones, not necessarily black. Neon colors does not favor anyone, regardless of their appearance. Remove them from the wardrobe.
  • Wear skirts to the knee or slightly above.
  • The striped / vertical detail “lengthen” the body.
  • If you like to wear skirts a pencil skirt will make you look like a sexy hourglass.
  • Clothing must correspond exactly to your measure. Don’t wear bigger clothes thinking that will hide the excess. They won’t make you a favor. It will only make you seem bigger.
  • When it come to dresses, a very wide dress will hang like a sack and will disadvantage people with rounded shapes.
  • Invest in wide belts. These accessories can be your best friend when it comes to clothing. If you do not have time to go to the tailor to adjust your clothing articles around the waist, add a wide belt and you will create a harmonious shape.
  • Avoid stilettos. Go for boots with thick soles, squared heels, sneakers or tennis shoes.
  • A high heel give flexibility whole body, according to the principle: an extra centimeter heel equals minus one kilogram of weight.
  • Pay attention to the opposite effect: an exaggerated heel can not just walk unbalance: spoil the harmony of the entire leg.
  • Pay attention to the accessories: One ring, not more.
  • Rules are available from rings and bracelets. Also a wide belt and without stones mounted. A bunch of bracelets stacked up would be a disaster. Bracelets on both hands, plus the clock, are a catastrophe.




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