The benefits of parsley


The plant that was believed to bring together the world of the living and the world of the dead, parsley, falls into the category of miracles created by nature. The Dacians used it as an elixir of beauty, the Greeks used it to facilitate communication with dead people, the Romans consumed a significant amount of parsley before entering the arena, to eliminate death, considering that it would keep away the fear of death and will give them the necessary courage to fight gladiators. Celts gave their women a large amount of parsley before nights with full moon considering that it will help them be more fertile and also in the Middle Ages it was used for blood circulation, nervous activity but also to help increase the communication capacity.

Currently, parsley is used to treat diseases such as lung cancer, for slowing the aging process, it stimulates digestion and intestinal transit, stimulates endocrine glands, treats diseases such as hypoglycemia, kidney stones, depression, indigestion, constipation, allergies, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, lactation, osteoporosis, cystitis, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, allergic eczema, breast pain, weakened immune system or lack of appetite.

benefits of parsley for womenParsley has a complex of vitamins, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, copper, amino acids, iodine, chlorophyll. The amount of vitamin C in parsley is very high, it contains more iron than it is found in the spinach (which is recognized for the large amount of iron), as well as the double the amount of protein found in an egg. Parsley helps fix calcium in the body, but also to normal cell development.

Recent studies have shown that parsley has an unusual effect of fighting viruses that attack the liver. It is therefore recommended that hepatitis A, B, and C patients do a 4-week cure with fresh parsley leaf juice, from which 50-75 ml per day are given, three times a day, on the empty stomach , before eating. After 4 weeks of cleansing, 2 weeks of rest, after which the treatment resumes.

Parsley also helps to remove the negative effects that tobacco or alcohol consumption may have on the body. It beautifies the hair, the tonic effects it can have on it (applying a mask with parsley) being up to six times stronger than those of ginseng.

Helps in the problem of sterility and male impotence and a parsley cure can escape men from sexual problems. Consumed daily, green parsley is a rejuvenating factor for women and stimulates fertility. The apolol, a substance of fresh parsley leaves, stimulates the production of feminine hormones and helps in good functioning of the ovaries. One month’s meals are used to drink 50 ml of parsley juice a day. Eliminates the ugly odor of your mouth, refreshing your breath and eliminating the problem of bad smell.

It removes nausea and vomiting and it is also highly recommended for anorexia and lack of appetite. It is also used in detoxifying the body, helping to improve digestion. It tones the body by giving it vitality. Eliminates depression and neurotic states, but also helps to relieve premenstrual pain.

Parsley can also be used in slimming cures by boiling and consuming daily at least half a pound of parsley per liter of water, thus obtaining the juice in small mouthfuls of the hour.

It can be used either in the form of juice obtained by squeezing and spinning, either in salads or in the form of parsley tea or in the form of decoction of parsley.

Whatever the chosen option, parsley remains a recommended herb in every person’s daily diet.


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