Summer detox, detoxifying juices and smoothies


            Energize yourself and remove toxins from the body by consuming fresh juices and smoothies derived from fruits and vegetables with refreshing summer detoxifying properties! Chill, moisturize and strengthen your immune system.

Thanks to the diversity of fruits and vegetables, summer is the ideal season for hydration and detoxification. Most fruits and vegetables contain a number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that helps our body to eliminate toxins and to give us a healthy and bright skin. Home-prepared juices are an effective solution to strengthen your immune system. Besides detoxifying the juice helps the proper functioning of metabolism. In addition, you can be sure that by making your own juice it won’t contain preservatives such as the ones from the store.

tropical juice Detoxifying juices protect your body from diseases. Also, they are excellent when you’re feeling tired or without energy or even when you have an acne skin (poor diet affects skin’s health). Antioxidants they contain accelerate detoxification and helps maintain the health of the body. In addition, many of the juices obtained are low in calories. Fresh fruit juice or vegetable has a remarkable effect regenerating and cleaning the entire body. It is always recommended that fruit juice to be consumed in 5 to 10 minutes of preparation because almost all fruits, including apples oxidize quickly and lose their nutrient substances. Here are some recipes for juices made from fruits and vegetables.

         Water with lemon or lemon and cucumber juice

You can start to squeeze the lemon juice in a glass of water, optionally adding a tablespoon of honey to sweeten content. Water with lemon is a powerful detoxifier and can be consumed instead of water and simple. Some nutritionists recommend using lemon juice in combination with another detoxifying juice as cucumber juice. Put cucumber in a blender and blend it with the juice from a lemon. This is an energizing juice and consumed frequently will help restore metabolic functions.

            Tropical lime juice with grapefruit and lemon

You can get this tropical juice by stirring 4 grapefruit, 1 lime and 1 yellow lemon. The juice is rich in vitamin C, calcium and magnesium and is excellent to remove harmful agents from the body.

            Celery, beetroot and apple juice

Celery is known for its purgative effects and will help to eliminate toxins from your body. Celery juice helps digestion and is an excellent tonic. To obtain a detoxifying juice and with a good taste at the same time blend 1 beetroot, 3 stalks of celery and 1 apple. Also the juice made from celery root (one root) and carrot (3 carrots) has a strong cleansing effect, easily assimilated in organism.

            Energizing cocktail from apples and pears

A delicious juice that children will love and that can be used anytime for breakfast.  It can be made from three apples and three pears. Put fruit cut into cubes or larger pieces in a blender without peeling them. It is a delicious cocktail that can be consumed twice a day for a detoxifying effect.

            Papaya oranges and grapefruit juice

Papaya is excellent when it comes to provide our bodies the nutrients and vitamins needed. Blend 300 grams of papaya, a few slices of grapefruit and a half of orange. A glass or two a day of this juice will remove the toxins from your body.


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