How to stay healthy in winter


Winter is getting closer and closer and we all know what that means. It means low temperatures, rainy days and eventually also snow. We all like winter because it remembers us about childhood when we used to go out and have snow fight, make snow men and even that we are at a certain age we still like to play in the snow. And any city is beautiful when it is covered all in white and each window have lots of light. Because this is what winter spirit is all about. But this is the beautiful part  of the winter. The ugly part is that more than sure you will get a cold. No matter how many clothes you’ll have on you, it is impossible to not get a cold eventually.

But we can prevent that as much as we can and this only by keep on doing our usual things. In the summer we all have different habits so that we look good and have a healthy body. Even that is winter we should have same habits. Drink water so that your body stays well hydrated, no matter what season it is. This is a rule that you always follow for your organism to function. And also drink tea with a little honey and also drop there a slice of lemon. You don’t have to have a flue so that you drink a hot tea. It is always good for you to warm up and the lemon has lots of vitamins. Eat as healthy as you did the rest of the year. We all know that winter is the holidays season and we have all kind of goodies to try and at each step we make we see many sweets at every shop. And don’t even mention all the specialties that we cook on holidays. Try from all of them but with a limit and in such way so you don’t feel sick after. Eat lots of vegetables with all the other food. Vegetables are full of vitamins and a big help to establish immunity. And also make sport. Even that is easier to go for a jog in summer because of the warm weather, we can keep on doing that even if it is cold outside. We all know that we have to make movement all the time so that we keep a healthy organism. You don’t need necessary to go for a run. You can make your own movement program at your home, you can do some abs, squats or jogging on the spot.

And if you still get a cold, don’t take many pills right from the beginning. Drink lots of cups of hot tea, chat online, or try even eating onion. It is said that if you eat an onion when the cold just steps in you will immediately get better. And if this doesn’t make the trick, you ca always try some boiled wine with cinnamon and orange. This definitely is the best part when it comes to winter season.


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