Be with someone who makes you laugh


If you found someone that makes you laugh like no one else does than he is a keeper. So stop looking for someone else because that one worth the while. Laugh is medicine for every disease and more than sure is the perfect way to finish a bad day.

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With a funny person you will never be upset because usually funny people see life in another way that all people do. They don’t take all things too serious. And when you have a bad day, to go back home at someone that makes you laugh is the perfect way like your day to get better. It is also said that a person with a lot of humor is also smarter, scientists seeing humor as a sign of intelligence.



We all like funny people because they are capable to change everyone’s state of spirit and they are very easy to like. Usually they can make friends easily and have the gift of bringing people together. And if they have something serious to say, they will always say it in such a way that they won’t bother through their remarks.

We have to be realistic, we always like men that make us laugh, that know how to say a good joke. And this kind of men make us happy and this it can be seen all over our face and in our gestures. If you are upset he will always have something to say that will make you feel better, by making fun of a nasty situation. And if he managed to steal just one little smile, well the job it’s well done. We all need to have a shoulder to cry on, but isn’t better to have someone to make us laugh instead of crying even if the situations seems to ask for it?

A funny person will always know how to chase negativity out of his life. He will know how to manage hard times and how to make fun of it. And also when it comes to awkward moments, you will see that those aren’t able to stay awkward for much time because they will find a way to transform it joke material. We all have this type of moments, but when you have someone that constantly likes to joke, in such a case the awkward stuff will dissipate quickly.

In a relationship is very important to laugh a lot. And two people like this will definitely have a longer and happier relationship. It is so refreshing to be able to relax, to joke all the time and not worry about offending someone. And often, that one that likes to make jokes will more than sure make many of them about himself. So how can you get upset or bothered on someone like this that laughs even about his own person? Definitely you can’t.

Laugh can be appreciated also as an aphrodisiac. Because it can make you fall in love without even knowing. Many of us search this quality at men because it is so great to have someone that we can have fun with and can make us smile every day.




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