What music means to you dear single



Where do you think to when you listen to music? How does music makes you feel like? I think that music is like a treatment for soul and we have different types, for each event and for each type of person. We have lots of music genres. We have dance, pop, techno, club, country, hip=hop, rap, instrumental, symphonic, oriental, music especially for weddings and there are many examples that we can give. Each person has a certain type of music that he likes and regarding the song we listen, that one may or may not tell us something or makes us feel in a particular way.

I said that I think that music is like a treatment for soul. And I believe that this is a true thing to say. Me, for example, to start a good day I always listen to certain songs, happy songs, that I know that will give me a good feeling so that I start the day with an optimistic mind. This ensures me hat I will have a good day. Or at least I will start it so. In general, when people are sad, they tend to listen to sad music. It is not the best choice, but we all do it. There are all kind of songs that look like they are made especially for hat moment, for that specific situation and listening to it, it just gives us a certain state. When you are attending an event, or when you go to the Opera, I don’t know how many of you were, when you listen that kind of music, you just feel like you are into another world, like you are in an unreal time and everything is like you are living in a dream. To see so many talented people with so many instruments and what they can achieve by using them it only gives you goose bumps. It’s an emotive experience that you need to have at least once in your life. Music that is sang at weddings or baptisms is about songs that are made for this kind of events. There are songs that express joy and happiness given by that moments that come just for once in the life of a person. It’s wonderful music for events where family and all the loved ones are together and celebrate happiness. And we have all other kind of music genres, music that we hear in clubs, bars, restaurants with specific type of music, music that each one enjoys in his way.

We all feel the music in a certain way, regarding the state of mind we have in one or another moment of our life. Even that we are happy, we are sad, there will always be a song written for that. Many beautiful songs were written by artist in sad moments of their life. There will be always good music for all the listeners. Music can calm you, can free your mind, it can even change your day if you have a bad one.


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