Love in the holidays


  The winter holidays 2016

Holidays are all about spending time with the ones you love, your family, your friend, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, if you have one. The winter holidays are probably the most beautiful holidays in the entire year. And this is not only because it snows and we can engage some snow fights and make snowmen. Our entire city and cities from all over the world go into the holidays spirit and every street if full of lights and Christmas installations. Usually, in this period of time, the officials from the main hall take care of making from the city centers the most  visited part of the town. They install the Christmas tree and also place the stalls from where you can buy all kind of things typical for Christmas and from where you can drink hot cinnamon wine while your kids take some photos with Santa, his sleigh and the reindeers.

It is the perfect time for you and your boyfriend to spend more time together and do nice things. You can take long walks on the streets of the city to admire how it is embellished with all kind of bright installations that embodies snowflakes, gift boxes or snowmen. You can drink hot wine and eat sugar cotton, glazed apples, crepes and all those goodies from the stalls out there. It is impossible to go home empty handed because there are so many things that you can buy that will make you wish to take them all. In the winter holidays there aren’t only local stalls, there are also others that come from the cities around to sell their products. From teddy bears, snowmen with different lights, to artifacts and leather clothes, you have plenty from where to choose.

If the holidays caught up on you being single there isn’t a problem. Maybe is the time for you to find someone. And Christmas parties are the perfect occasion to found your plus one. In the crowds from the centre of the city, in the ones from the outdoor concerts, you might found the one that you are looking for. You never know from where he will pop in. Also, don’t miss the parties with your friends. There always will be singles that hope to find their perfect match. Maybe Santa will be gentle this year and will bring you the one that you were searching for. In the end, holidays are always better in two.

So, may you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, either that you are single or you already share your life with someone. Cherish what you have, be grateful for all the small things in your life and give love all those around you.

Happy holidays to all of you out there!


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