Laura Pergolizzi lost on you


Everywhere on the music channels or on the radio you could hear the single “Lost on you” of the singer LP, that quickly became a hit. LP, on her real name Laura Pergolizzi lives in the Unites States and by launching this one song she came to the attention of all music lovers. Even that she got known for a little while she isn’t a stranger in the music domain. She used to write songs for famous artist like Leona Lewis, Rihanna or Christina Aguilera. She is Italian and also Irish, her parents being from Naples – Italy, which sadly she lost being very young.

The single “Lost on you”, like all the songs from her album, is a song inspired from her life, about a relationship that even that is was based on so much love, the reality was that they weren’t right for each other. In many relationships you may find yourself in the situation where you are confused, disoriented and you start searching for answers, for finding a solution or a meaning for certain things. This is when LP found inspiration and this is what it came through all this. A beautiful song where most of us find themselves.

And we aren’t the only ones that loved the single. On the 22nd of September, LP was awarded with a platinum sales plague in Athens – Greece for the single “Lost on You” that had a huge success. When the manager of label Cobalt Music first listened to it he had the feeling that it would be something great so he took it to the radio to see it the song will catch the listeners attention. And it did really fast, if we stay and think that for a song it takes months to became a hit.. Also on Shazam it was the fourth most searched song after it appeared on the radio. After that it became more and more searched such as it became Greece’s song of the summer or better said, the song of the year. After Greece, the single started to reach fame in other countries. It started with Turkey, then Romania, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland, being in top 10 in also other seven countries.

There were made lots of remixes that didn’t do anything else but only to grow its fame. Also, LP’s U.S. team made live performance videos over the foreign territories, they also appear on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

At this point in her career, LP is making the most of it. She has her own Greece shows, she has her European tour that includes visits to Romania, Italy, France and U.K., where she will perform a show at Bush Hall in London. She says that she plans to not stop at the success she has in Europe and she is up to gain the public from Australia, and then finally from North America.


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