How laugh affects our body


They say that laughing to much will make us more fat. Well, the are words of the elders that may come in conflict with opinions of specialists.

According to a study involving both men and women aged between 18 and 34 years, by laughing you will consume more calories than if you would just stand.

The participants in the study were put in a room where a calorimeter for measuring the heat generated and also a sound recording system. For 90 minutes, people have watched a number of films, some of which provoked laugh and others that generated a neutral reaction. While laughing, the volunteers consumed by 0.19 kcal per minute more than normal, and the pulse rate increased by 2.1 beats per minute. People were amused and laughed more than 20 seconds per minute and consumed 17% more calories and also they had a heart rate faster than the rest.

laugh affects our bodyLaugh can be a kind of therapy for many diseases, including for motivation to lose weight. Scientists recommend it in diets.

A research on the effects of laugh made by a University of California, reports that laugh strengthens the immune system and keeps your body away from infection, allergies and serious diseases such as cancer. Therapy by laughing creates antibodies that fight both infections and respiratory problems, produce endorphins, which increase the body’s immunity.

Laugh can help us fight stress. The more we laugh, the less stressed we are. Laugh lowers stress hormones and increases manufacturers bloodstream.

Laugh will make you look younger! They say that laugh also reduces the aging process because it tones facial muscles and retard wrinkles expression. When you laugh, it increases the amount of blood that reaches the front, which makes some people to glow. Thus, the skin is nourished and gain a certain glow.

It can be a natural painkiller that we humans we can use without cost or side effects. To those that painkillers no longer take effect should try laugh therapy. They need to know that when you laugh, increases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. They can reduce the intensity of pain in those suffering from muscle spasms and arthritis.

Can regulate blood pressure by reducing stress hormone called dopamine, which is related to high blood pressure. Experiments have shown that 10 minutes is enough for a decrease in blood pressure.

Will get rid of anxiety and depression. Stress and overwork modern life cost us mental and physical health. A good laugh helps us sleep better and reduce depression. Some claim that if they are well willing not need antidepressants and tranquilizers. Improves mental health. Help us communicate more effectively, be more productive and positive thinking.

Laugh alleviate suffering of those who have bronchial problems and asthma. Improves lung capacity and increase oxygen levels in the blood.

In few words, laugh give us so much and all of it free of charge. Myth how that laugh makes you gain weight was definitely shattered. Laugh brings many benefits to the body that we must use it as much as possible during the whole life.



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