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find loveWhich one of us see love differently, and regarding our age we understand the concept of love in a certain way. When you are older enough you have an idea about how this feeling affects you, but what did you thought about love when you were 4 or 6 years old? Some scientists asked several kids what do they think that love is and look what they come up with.

  • Love is when your puppy licks your face even though you left him home alone all day! Clara – 4 years old.
  • Love is … When someone loves you, the way they say your name, it just sounds different!! Bob – 4 years old.
  • Love is when you know that your older sister loves you because she gives you all her old clothes and after she has to go shopping, to take more! Laurelai – 4 years old.
  • Love is when a girl puts on perfume and boy puts on after-shave and they go out together and smell one another. Karl – 5 years old.
  • Love is … God could say some magic words to get rid of the nails from the cross, but he choose not to. I think this is love! Max – 5 years old.
  • Love is what happens on Christmas when you stop unwrapping your presents for  enjoying the happiness of others! Michaela – 5 years old.
  • Love is when someone hurts you. Even if it hurts terribly you don’t cry, because you know that if you do it, that it will make sad the person who hurt you! James – 6 years old.
  • Love is when an old man and an old woman are still good friends even though they know each other for a long, long time. Tom – 6 years old.
  • Love is when you give someone your food without waiting for the other one to give you his! Ciara – 6 years old.
  • Love is when … If you want to learn to love better you should start with a friend that you don’t really like! Nikki – 6 years old.
  • Love is when you tell a boy that his wearing a beautiful shirt even though he wears the same one everyday! Hellen – 7 years old.
  • Love Flirt is … When you love someone and your eyes roll up and down and little stars shine from them! Katie – 7 years old.
  • Love is … Never say “I love you” to someone only when you feel it coming. When you really feel it, then say it more often because people don say ‘t say “I love you” so much. Jessie – 8 years.
  • Love is to hug, to kiss and to say “no”! Anna – 8 years old.
  • Love is when my grandmother had arthritis and could not paint her nails. My grandfather painted them for her, even that he had arthritis, too. Johanna – 8 years old.

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