How to be fashionable


We all know how important our look is these days and of course that we all want to look as prettier it can and to wear as many beautiful and spectacular clothes. There are plenty of fashion magazines, shows on TV and of course that we have the internet where we can follow all kind of fashion icons from where we can inspire in our daily outfits. But to be fashionable is more that to have all sort of things that you combine for having an unusual look so hat you seem extravagant. Fashionable is more of a way of expressing regarding of what kind of person you are and what the clothes you wear say about you. So here some tip of what you need to do so that you keep up with fashion.

First and the most important thing is to not try so hard. Wear things that get you out value. Clothes that highlight the strengths of your body. If you have very long land thin legs you can always wear short clothes that will put them in value. If you have some extra kilos, beware of baby doll clothes that will not do you any good. It will only accentuate the parts that you don’t want. Make a personal look, wear always something that is like a signature for you. Always try all sort of new things. If you like to wear boyfriend jeans, for example, don’t get used to them. Try all kind of different outfits get inspired from magazines or from stars or models, until you find something that suits you, until you define your own style. Don’t go on the idea that expensive clothes change the entire story. Fashion is not about expensive things. You can be gorgeous even if you buy cheaper things. It is all about how you wear them and how you accessorize them. And if we are here, don’t forget abut accessories. These always change the entire love story of an outfit. You can wear a t-shirt with some jeans and sneakers and you have a casual outfit. But if take the same t-shirt with those jeans, you put some stiletto and a necklace, you change the entire outfit and you are ready for a night out. So wear accessories, it will make the difference.

There are plenty of ways of how you can be fashionable. And the best part is that we have from where to take advices. We just need to have some good taste when it comes to choosing the clothes that we want to wear. And that is easy because if there is something that we really have, that are options. Then, you just have to manage a way to combine them in different outfits that look good on you, that are not to much, that when you go for a walk, your appearance will make people say: “Damn, that’s an awesome outfit!”


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