Fashion trends fall-winter 2017-2018


You probably think that fashion has not brought anything new in the last seasons and that’s why you can “skip” the autumn tendencies chapter – winter 2017 – 2018. I would like to tell you that the fashion trends of a season are as important as the daily news. If you are not informed about fashion trends, you can’t understand why and how fashion changes or why more designers create the same pieces in a season. So, ladies, we invite you to find out everything about fashion trends in the fall – winter of 2017 – 2018!

iarna-2017The ostrich feathers reminded of haute-couture dresses, entirely made of varnished leather, strong colours, floral embroidery and a lot of denim – this season promises to be rich in trends and imagination!

I will try to make a short list of some trends in the fall – winter 2017 – 2018, those that are important and that you would like to remember and especially to interpret and include in your own style.

Red is the main pawn this autumn, especially as it is no longer considered an evening colour, but it can be worn during the day, even if we are talking about a totally red look. Red is the favourite designer’s colour this season and you have to admit it can’t go unnoticed. What we should not miss in our wardrobe are leather skirts, statement gowns, long coats and necessarily a pair of boots!

Transparencies are stronger than ever. Designer wanted to come with something new so they doubled the cashmere coins with some plastic. In short, they overlaid them. In addition to looking futuristic, they invented an extremely practical thing: a coat that keeps you cool and protects you from rain!

As fashion is actually an amalgam of old with new, I have to tell you that no bullets or fringes (the super retro elements) are missing from the equation. There are two restrictions here: the bullets must be black and white and the fragments longer!

Long boots are the key shoes of the season and it is good to know that you can match them with the most glamorous dress you have in the wardrobe and with a pair of used jeans.

Last but not least, I would ask you not to ignore the quilted jackets that this season are spectacular, but more than that, they will best guard you from the cold weather of winter.

Oversized Shoulders – 80’s fashion promises to continue to be present also in the fashion trends of the autumn-winter season 2017/2018. But this time, we find it in a more mature interpretation with the oversized shoulders of the jackets and coats.

Many brands have given up minimalism in favour of a rich and eclectic style. The Russian folklore is reimagined through multi-coloured floral embroideries, overlays of materials in various prints, fringes, ecological fur details, and rich accessory holdings.

With a cabaret air, feathers are a must-have when it comes to a successful party this season! If you still seem a bit too much, try to wear an accessory like a brooch or pair of sandals. You will shine for sure.

The denim returns to its original indigo blue colour. You can get inspired from fashion shows and wear it in different ways such as with a beret and a stiletto or with black silk shawl. If you want a more of a sporty look, you can go for wearing it with wide pants and shirts or assorted jackets.

Office Style – Business women seem to lead the fashion podium this season. And let’s be honest … office outfits are sexy, too. This type of look suggests strength, style and self-confidence. Try a plaid jacket and combine it with a satin silk blouse or a colourful cashmere sweater. You will definitely look awesome.


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