Exclusive camps for single people


Did you know that Singles Camp even exist? How that works you will find out shortly. This is a touristic business reserved exclusively for Romanians without life partners, a project that a man from Sibiu set up  and called it “Singles Camp”. It is about holidays in the country and abroad, where there are small groups of Romanians who have to fulfill two cumulative conditions: not to have a life partner and to be sociable.

camps for single lovesflirtPeople who have not yet found their half or those who are not the type of people that are into long term relationships have the opportunity to see stories, to make friends with common passions, and even find life partners. This is a unique project in Romania launched in 2009 in Sibiu and entitled “Singles Camp”.

There are two types of “single”people: those who are still looking for a partner and those who like to stay alone are comfortable in this situation. Single does not necessarily mean that there is no relationship. There are relationships of all kind, from physical to conjuction, but not in the form of a permanent relationship. There are companies all over the world who are addressing to single people, but what the founder wanted to do was to make them socializing while going on a holiday. All trips start from the idea of creating an intimate framework in which the members can communicate and interrelate.

The first group of the Singles Camp came in April 2010. There were 25 people who felt great together and stayed friends. The idea is to bring together communicating people, not introverted, people who can communicate easily.             Until now, several thousand people have traveled through the project, and around 60 excursions are organized annually, 30-40 of them take place in Romania, and the rest abroad. “There is a huge range of deals. There are actions that appeal to the most refined, more focused on culture. For example, “3 days at the castle”. We rented a castle, we dressed in medieval costumes, we bring a university professor specialized in medieval dances. The way of presentation, everything is under this effect, the founder of this business said.

“Singles Camp” is focused on offers out of the pattern of travel agencies in terms of trips abroad. This camp has a lot to offer. In Hungary, for example, the participans can go to the spa, then there are excursions to Austria. if you are a participant you can go even to the Azores, Madeira, Ireland, Portugal, the Nordic countries, Italy – long and wide, Prague. There are small groups of 8 plus 1, that go together to have dinner in the evenings.

Those arriving at the Singles Camp are between 35 and 60 years old, and most of them are in the 40-45 age group. Many of them become friends and continue to socialize outside of the project. Others have found life partners there. Once a person is no longer single, he is required to announce and leave the project.

Many create friendly relationships, and there are quite a few couples which have formed, and that have even children. Once the couple is formed, they are no longer allowed in the Singles Camp.

Prices reach 400-500 lei for 3-4 days accommodation in Romania and between 500 and 1,500 euros for those abroad. If you are single and you dare to try it here you are when and what you can visit this summer.


Amsterdam and Giethoorn – North Of Venice – 19 – 23 july 2017

Balcik (Bulgary) – 22 – 23 July 2017     

Iceland 23 – 29 July 2017

Routes in Fagaras & Transfagarasan – 04 – 06 August 2017

Switzerland – 5 – 12 August 2017

Bavaria and Tirol – 14 – 20 August 2017

Bucegi mountains, Roumania 2017 – 20 August 2017

Azuga, Roumania – 18 – 20 August 2017

Calimani, Roumania – 24 – 27 August 2017

Madeira – 25 August – 1 September 2017

A week-end in the Danube, Roumania 25-27 August 2017

6 days on Samothraki 28 August – 2 September 2017


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