What colors are appropriate for the cold season?


Autumn and winter are not the most expected seasons of the year. Maybe winter has an escape because of the holidays that everyone expects but when it comes to weather, things are a little bit different. The rainy days are definitely not our favorite.

But no matter what the weather is like, style and fashion find their place into the story. Skirt and boots together always make a beautiful outfits and with a coat above we are ready to go. For not finding ourselves in the position to not have what to wear we should start looking for clothes and accessories that we can wear in the cold season.

Usually, when it comes to cold weather grey and black are the perfect colors. And with this two you will always manage to create nice, unique and fashionable outfits. But if it is cold outside this doesn’t mean that we can’t try different colors that combined will give us perfect outfits.

Olive-green color is a must-have color this season. It is dark in itself, but in combination with others, can make a perfect outfit and also an unique one. We can go for trench, a coat or a lighter jacket, but also a long one. Shade of olive green will be the key that will attract attention. It’s perfect to wear when you go for a walk, at work or even in a trip.

Violet can be very easy to wear in autumn and winter. You can go for any clothes that has this color, even that is a blouse, a pair of jeans, a sweater, a dress or even shoes. Use your creativity and do some fantastic combinations.

Yellow can inspire you to do some interesting things when you don’t have an idea about what to wear. Autumn is the perfect time to be creative and mix colors to make great combinations. Outfits that have red, yellow, green, brown, purple and orange can create fabulous looks and also very elegant.

Red as in a cardigan, jacket or vest are pieces you’ll need this fall. You can experiment with pieces of orange, shades as green, yellow, purple, brown or red. When the sun is in the sky, you can wear a vest style. For a office, an outfit like this may be the perfect alternative, while for a more casual look you can wear a jacket.

Even that is a little or more cold outside you shouldn’t stop wearing dresses, skirts and shorts. You can fit these three parts with knee boots. But sweaters are a must-have! Sweaters as orange, yellow, brown, red and green are fashionable and in addition, keep warm. You can also add your attire autumn colors for cold days, with a scarf and gloves.

Defining a color palette season is not limited to a few shades. You should go for the style that characterizes you, invest in pieces that capitalize shades to eye, skin or makeup and also do not be afraid to let yourself be inspired by eccentric tendencies. The key of discovering a personal style it mostly depends of the confidence you have when you are wearing a modern and original outfit.


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