The amazing benefits of lemons for beauty and health


Lemons are a very rich source of healing chemical compounds that improve immunity, that strengthen blood vessels, help heal the skin and even block the development of certain cells that can trigger the development of cancer.

When you’re cold, do not underestimate the role of vitamin C that has the capacity of reducing the level of histamine in the body, a substance that contributes to the appearance of nasal congestion. At the same time, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that also causes levels of unstable molecules that destroy cells known as free radicals and helps protect against heart disease. The body uses vitamin C to improve the activity of the immune cells. It is considered to be the only alkaline pH fruit that effectively participates in rebalancing the blood PH’s.

lemonadeVitamin C from lemons helps the skin shine and kills bacteria that cause acne. You can drink lemonade in the morning but you can also mix a portion of lemon juice freshly squeezed with some water with honey. Put this mixture on the affected areas and leave for half an hour, then rinse. Repeat 2 times a day, morning and evening. Obviously, in the case of very severe acne, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist in conjunction with this natural treatment.

Studies show that lemons have a calming effect and helps remove fatigue, agitation, dizziness, nervousness and tension. Inhaling lemon oil increases the ability to concentrate and keeps your mind alert. Lemons can also be used as a room freshener in your homes or even in offices for increasing employee efficiency. If you feel tense, take a little lemon oil handkerchief and inhale.

When you have fever because of colds, drink a cup of juice made of 1-2 lemon juice with hot water and honey, drink it all at once, then repeat every 2 hours until the fever starts to succumb. When your throat hurts, drink warm lemonade made of juice of a lemon, honey, and a cup of hot water, but not so much as you slit your throat, because it can make it worse. If your throat hurts, add a teaspoon of salt to that lemonade, instead of honey. Make gargle with her three times. You can inject the juice afterwards.

If you suffer from skin infections such as eczema, a pack of lemon will do you well. Put 8 drops of lemon essential oil in warm water (250 ml) and a teaspoon of honey. Honey also has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the healing power of lemon.

Lemon is the invaluable help for all those who experience chronic fatigue due to their work. Drink a squeezed lemon whenever you feel too tired or suck half a lemon. Explorers, adventurers, infuse a straw at the end of a whole lemon when they are exhausted drinking the juice directly from the fruit.

Lemons help you get fresh breath if you have this problem after drinking alcohol, cigarettes or after eating various spicy foods such as onion and garlic. To keep your breath fresh, rinse your mouth with the juice from the freshly squeezed juice combined with warm water. It helps if you chew a slice of lemon after each meal.

If a bee hits you, remove the needle from your skin and massage the place with 2 drops of freshly squeezed lemon mixed with a teaspoon of honey. To keep the bad insects away, put in the sprayer 250 ml of water and 20 drops of essential lemon oil and spray it through the room. It smells great and keeps mosquitoes or flies at a distance.

Even if it has an extremely sour taste, lemon juice has a particularly strong alkaline effect and is therefore a natural agent against excess acidity that is responsible for many diseases, including rheumatism. Drink a squeezed lemon in the morning next to a glass of warm water and repeat it 2-3 times a day.



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