10 Fashion Mistakes Amateurs Make


When it comes to clothes probably any woman would say that she never has enough and if she needs to go somewhere she won’t ever have something to dress with. We have clothes for each season and for each day, regarding the daily things we have to do, we have the ones we stay in our house, clothes and footwear for jogging or for a simple walk into the park, outfits to go to a party, a club or a pub and of course that there are the elegant ones for different events where we want to shine.
Any time we buy different clothes, footwear or accessories we have to follow some rules because, after all, fashion is not only about what you wear, is about how you wear different outfits. And, how we aren’t fashion designers, of course that like amateurs we usually make mistakes. Here there are 10 fashion mistakes that amateurs make.

  1.  Wearing tight and small clothes having the fear that those with higher numbers will make look fat. When you buy different outfits try to not take higher numbers, not because it will make look fat, but because it won’t look good on you. Don’t buy smaller ones either because your body needs to breath and it will not look nice to have clothes on you that are ready to pop. Take your size and combine the products in a way that suits you.
  2.  To buy shoes that you can’t walk on just because they are too beautiful. We all pass through that. But don’t force yourself. There are so many gorgeous shoes that more that sure you can find the ones that you can wear. And if you really like a certain pair look for same model but with a smaller heal, so that your feet feel comfortable and you too, also.
  3.  Don’t mix sneakers with everything. We know that sneakers are very often wear and these days for a rebel look you can combine them even with dresses. But attention! Not any kind of dresses. Even if you think that you can mix sneakers with everything, be careful on choosing the right outfits that came along.
  4. Watch out for the colored tights. A mistake very often met is wearing a light colored dress of elastic material with colored tights. The right choice when it comes to that will be either mate tights or without any. When the season doesn’t ask for it you can choose to go out without wearing any tights.
  5.  Do not combine a high-waist skirt made of a rigid material with a large t-shirt. You won’t get the expected effect. In such a case choose either a bra or a prancing shirt. You will see the difference.
  6.  Skinny jeans. If you are very thin and you like to wear skinny jeans wear & stiletto, choose a pair with the correct ending. The jeans must always be 2 fingers above the ankle.
  7.  Culottes pants. If you are not a very tall person and you want to wear culottes pants, you should go for something shorter, this way you will avoid to look even shorter.
  8.  Less in better. Try to learn what ‘too much’ terms mean. Even that we refer to clothes, footwear, accessories or make-up, too many of them could make us look ridiculous. try to be simple, to accessories in a way that makes you look as natural or exotic if you like, by not throwing to many items on you.
  9.  ¾ boots. If you choose to wear a skirt of an average length, try always to combine it with short boots of with different models of shoes. If you will wear it with ¾ boots your legs, even that you are a tall person, will look much shorter that is the case.
  10.  Tanned skin. We all enjoy to be tanned and for that we just wait for summer to come. But when it comes to clothes, be careful on what you choose. Try to not wear striking colors like phosphorescent green. Even that is a gorgeous color, with tanned skin the effect won’t be so cool.

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